Wine can be confusing.

Do you know what wine you like? Do you know why? Do you feel comfortable pairing food with wine or articulating what you like to a server? 

I am a WSET Level 2 certified wine nerd who would love to help you understand your palate and feel more confident drinking this tasty beverage. 

Double fist, but make it classy.

With one-on-one or group virtual wine sessions, we will take a wine topic of your choosing (think: Rosé, Cabernet Sauvignon, Champagne v. Prosecco, Italian Reds etc.) and go in-depth, understanding the history, tasting notes, and food pairings for that wine topic. We will taste at least two wines, side by side, to fully emphasize the differences between two wine styles and help you understand your personal palate.

Prior to our tasting, I will send out wine recommendations and each participant purchases the wine at their local wine or grocery store. Virtual wine tastings are a great educational experience as well as a great excuse to drink multiple wines at once while catching up with cross country friends! 

NEW! Group Tasting Class


approx. 1 hour

Monthly Private Tastings


approx. 1 hour

Private Tasting, 2 Wines


approx. 1 hour

“I knew it would be fun to get my friends together for a virtual wine tasting with Emily, but it was also super interesting! We have done a few different tastings and each time I am impressed by Emily’s deep knowledge and ability to answer questions from the group. Everyone loves hanging out with her and we all get a chance to catch up and learn while enjoying great wine!”

— Jesse Welsh, Denver CO

“My friends and I have been doing virtual wine tasting with Emily for a  few months now. All of us have throughly enjoyed doing them and I’ve recommended her to many of my friends. She is incredibly knowledgeable and a joy to learn from. We all look forward to our virtual wine tastings, which we’ve been doing a couple times a month! I have no doubt that anyone who does a virtual wine tasting with her, will have a fabulous time!”

— Jason William Tenjum, Chicago IL

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