Current Offerings

Wine 101: Cabernet Sauvignon v. Pinot Noir
Sparkling Wine: Champagne v. Prosecco
Sauvignon Blanc Battle: French v. New Zealand
Chardonnay Battle: French v. American
Rosé: French v. American
Italian Reds: Chianti v. Barolo
Pinot Noir Battle: French v. American
Cabernet Sauvignon Battle: French v. American
Syrah Battle: French v. Australian
Custom: whatever you are curious about!

How do Virtual Wine Tastings work?

I offer one-on-one or group sessions. Based on your interest you can choose a wine topic from this list or create a custom class.

Wine can be shipped straight to your door for an added cost or purchased at your local wine shop.

We will meet via Zoom and go in-depth, understanding the history, tasting notes, and food pairings for that wine topic. We will taste at least two wines, side by side, to fully emphasize the differences between the wine styles and help you understand your personal palate.

Private Virtual Wine Tasting

One-on-one or with your wine tasting pals, together on zoom we will dive into the history, winemaking and food pairing of your chosen wine topic. Choose from the list of topics above or work with me to create a custom class. Wine can be shipped straight to your door for an added cost or purchased at your local wine shop. If you decide to purchase the wine on your own, I will guide you in the right direction with suggestions, but it is up to you to buy the wine and have it in time for the tasting.

Private Tasting, 2 Wines$250 + wine
Private Tasting, 4 Wines$400 + wine
Monthly Wine Tasting (3 month min)$200 + wine
Corporate Wine TastingContact for Pricing

Virtual Wine Tasting Class

It’s like your virtual yoga class but we will drink together instead of sweat. With two wine glasses in hand, we will learn about what is in the glass and how it got there. Each class will cover a different varietal, region or wine topic. Purchasing wine for class is up to each participant. Prior to class, I will send out wine purchasing instructions with recommendations.

Upcoming Classes:
French Red Blends:
Bordeaux vs Cotes du Rhone
12/8$30 + wine
Dry January MocktailsTBD$30 + mocktail box

Gift Certificates

Want to give a virtual wine tasting as a gift? I have beautiful gift certificates to ensure you do not show up empty handed!

By clicking the link below, you can send me an email to purchase a gift certificate that you can print right at home.

Do you have questions about virtual wine tastings? Contact me directly at:

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